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How Creative Works Makes Its Wild Props and Sets

November 30, 2019

With young people more likely than ever to spend money on experiences over things, those experiences have had to step their game up. It’s not enough for a laser tag arena to be a dark room with some walls and a scattering of blacklights, and escape rooms have to be much more than a few logic puzzles in a curtained-off closet. Customers demand spectacle and immersion.

One workshop helping that shift along is in Mooresville, but their products are seen all around the world. The designers, sculptors and painters at Creative Works describe themselves as “mad scientists” who lend their imaginations to everything from laser tag to esports stages to virtual reality experiences.

On this episode of [Indi]android, those mad scientists show us around the lab. We’ll see how one of their projects goes from design to sculpture to your next Friday night out.