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Something Strange? Call the Circle City Ghostbusters

October 31, 2019

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, specter or ghost?

The Circle City Ghostbusters have been protecting Indianapolis from otherworldly threats since around 2005, when they were called the Indiana Ghostbusters. About 25 regular members meet up each week for fan events, gear building nights and charity fundraisers.

It’s no surprise that October is the group’s busiest month of the year. But it’s also the month that they’re able to make the biggest impact on their community.

On this episode of [Indi]android, we met up with several of the Circle City Ghostbusters at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and a very rainy Irvington Halloween Festival to talk about their shared love of Ghostbusters and how they’ve raised thousands of dollars for organizations like Dayspring Center and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

“When you dress up like a Ghostbuster, you really feel like a superhero, and people really seem to love it,” said member Jacob Bartlett. “Most people just turn that into a force for good and raise money for charity and do the best they can.”

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