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'Batman' at 30: How Michael Uslan Went from Indiana University to Gotham

September 28, 2019

Michael Uslan is a producer, writer and a much bigger Batman fan than you or me. To date, he's had his name on every single Batman-related movie since 1989.

But in the 70s, he was a shaggy-haired student at Indiana University with a passion for comic books. That passion, along with some creative self-promoting, landed him a gig as the first-ever college professor of comic books.

That would start a domino effect to achieve his childhood dream of making a dark, serious Batman movie - one that would be realized thanks to 1989's "Batman," directed by Tim Burton.

On this episode of [Indi]android, Uslan walks us through his journey from young comics nerd to Hollywood producer. And 30 years after the release of "Batman," he reflects on how that movie changed superheroes in cinema forever.