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A neighbor, who was moving, gave me a big box of vases. Of course, I already have many vases, but even so it was a truly wonderful gift. Each vase that I unpacked presented me with a snapshot of future bouquets-endless possibilities of what the vase and I together could accomplish. My mind scanned what is still blooming in my yard to imagine the best fit of available flowers with each new vase. But my mind also leapt ahead to next year, and I could imagine some of these new vases filled with daffodils and others with tulips.

Some of the vases I unpacked were art objects in their own right. They didn't even seem to need flowers in them to be beautiful to look at. I could just put them on a mirrored coaster and watch their crystal shine.

Others grabbed at my heart because they were such a perfect match for some of my cherished flowers. One deep pink, medium-sized, glass vase caused me to immediately dash to my garden to pick some late-blooming pink daisy mums (‘Sheffield') to arrange in it. The result was pink perfection.

A tall narrow-necked vase made me imagine it filled with slender branches of forsythia next spring.

This box of vases will be a gift that keeps on giving. The vases present me with a future full of endless possibilities.

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