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Noon Edition

Valentine's Day Flower Sales

Henry Ward Beecher wrote that "flowers have a mysterious and subtle influence upon the feelings." No wonder the gift of flowers on Valentine's Day is so popular. Here are some interesting statistics on Valentine's flower sales:

  • On February 14th almost one-third of Americans show their feelings by purchasing floral items.
  • About one-half of those customers buy roses.
  • Predictably, red is the most popular color.
  • Two thirds of the buyers are men.
  • Eighty percent of these men give the floral items to their partners.
  • Only eighteen percent of women buy Valentine's Day flowers for their partners.
  • A few women purchase floral gifts for their mothers, female relatives or employees, or, for themselves.
  • Most of the orders for flowers are placed on February 13th or 14th but one percent of customers wait until February 15th. Perhaps they hope for a bargain.

Valentine's Day Flower Shopping Tips

Waiting until after Valentine's Day is not a good idea. Supplies are severely depleted and prices

are still usually high. Sales for flowers for Valentine's gifts are highest when the day falls on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Sales are not as high when the day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday. This may be because procrastinators are penalized by the lack of availability of flowers on weekends. Additionally, many purchasers send flowers or plants to their loved ones at their work addresses if Valentine's Day occurs during the work week. The recipients then have the added bonus of being envied by their co-worke

An idea for a gift for a flower gardener is an order of plants to be delivered for spring planting. For example, I recently ordered a flat of perennial dwarf asters from Bloomin Designs Nursery in Georgia. Phone 678 376 7987 or email I am slowly trying to replace my tall fall blooming asters with shorter varieties and these are Aster novi-belgii ‘Wood's Mix'. When they arrive in April I will have fun getting them in the ground early so that they bloom in the fall. It is a Valentine's Day gift to myself that will keep on giving.

Material for this segment, as well as next week's segment, was drawn from Flower Confidential: The good, the bad, and the beautiful (2008) by Amy Stewart, published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. This wonderful book would make an excellent Valentine's Day gift for a flower lover.

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