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The Language Of Flowers: What Does Your Gift Of Flowers Say?

What does your gift of flowers communicate to the recipient? Flowers are more profound than their beautiful superfice.

The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love, and in the language of flowers it signifies love and passion. If we want to construct a Valentine's Day Posy which communicates positive emotions to a loved one we might choose some of the following flowers:

  • white carnations (ardent love)
  • globe amaranth (unfading love)
  • bluebells (constant love)
  • daisies (innocence) heliotrope (devotion)
  • larkspur (an open heart)
  • snowdrops (hope)
  • and of course, for-get-me-nots.

More Flower Meanings

A bouquet of phlox signifies a proposal of marriage and a bouquet of bachelor's buttons communicates celibacy. Not all flowers are associated with the lovelier emotions in life...If you want to communicate a less positive message to the recipient of a bouquet, some of the following flowers may be selected

  • amaryllis (pride)
  • purple carnations (antipathy and capriciousness)
  • yellow carnations (distain)
  • impatiens (severed ties)
  • orange lily (hatred).
  • Columbine was once considered a bad-luck gift for men
  • Cyclamen was once considered a bad luck gift for women

Don't be misunderstood this Valentine's Day!

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