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Noon Edition

The Beauty Of Flowered Trees, No Matter The Season

The Beauty Of Trees (Even In Winter)

Whether a tree's branches are barren or in bloom, they offer a beautiful landmark to any landscape. There certainly is a lot to admire in a garden where frost has crystallized leaves into delicate patterns or snow has transformed evergreen branches.

Old Man Winter is adept at garden artistry – The skeletal branches of deciduous trees make wondrous patterns.

As we look at winter's decorations and the bare tree branches, we may think, too, about how transformed they will be when spring finally comes. Flowering trees are great treasures in a garden and an asset in any season.

State Flowers...With Tree Origins

A number of states have adopted flowers that grow on trees as their emblems:

  1. The peach blossom (pink or dark red) is the state flower of Delaware.
  2. The fragrant white-orange blossom, not surprisingly, is the state flower of Florida.
  3. Arkansas and Michigan both adopted the apple blossom.
  4. Louisiana and Mississippi chose the white magnolia, loved by southern belles, as their state flower.
  5. North Carolina and Virginia chose the flower of the native dogwood.

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