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Table Scape

colored glass

Over the years, I have been collecting colored glass bottles so that I can display groupings of single flowers. A number of my bottles are miniatures that are especially useful for tiny spring bulb flowers like scilla, dwarf iris, glory of the snow, aconite, and snowdrops.

I also have colored glass bowls in which I float hellebores and other flowers that I enjoy looking down on because of their unique shape and/or markings. The problem is that I now have so many glass containers that I have run out of storage space in the house, garage, and potting shed.

Fortunately I have a table on my front porch where overflow vases have been accumulating. It occurred to me that I could make a table scape of my colored glass there. I started by putting all of my cobalt blue bottles and vases together, and then added green, and gradually other colors joined the parade. It looked better than the unorganized jumble of disparate containers that this colored glass displaced.

The sun shining through the windows of the porch lights up the colors beautifully. An added bonus is that as I walk out to my garden now I pick up a container. And if I am on my way in with a flower in my hand, it's easy to pick up exactly the right container to suit it. Of course, I will soon run out of space on the table…but I will deal with that inevitability when I have to.

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