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Noon Edition

Sun Sparklers

My newest favorite plant is the SunSparkler® sedum ‘Lime Twister’, which I became acquainted with only last year. Nowadays, my category of favorite plants includes only plants that deer dislike, and last year they left my sun sparklers alone so it quickly became extremely popular with me!

This low-maintenance groundcover keeps butterflies happy but seems not to interest deer or rabbits. Last year, it grew so well in my two stone urns in part shade beside my front steps that by fall it was hanging down almost to the ground.

The fresh, green-and-white succulent leaves look cool during hot weather, and it produced tiny little, rose-colored blossoms in early fall.

I also grew a pot of it in full sun on my west-facing back deck, and it was happy there too. That pot migrated to my cool, closed-in front porch and greeted guests happily all through last winter. It has now gone back to the hot sunny deck since it has proved its versatility.

It is reputed to be hardy zone 4 through 9 and to do best in sun, reaching a height of 6-8 inches and a width of 12-18 inches. There is another variety, ‘Dazzleberry’, with smokey-blue foliage and raspberry-colored flowers, and one called ‘Firecracker’. I am eager to meet them too!

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