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Showcasing Supports In Your Flower Arrangements

When clear glass or Lucite® containers are used, the props that hold an arrangement of flowers together are clearing visible. Supports can be both utilitarian and decorative if they add interest, color, or texture to a floral display. For example, clear or colored marbles, stones, small pebbles, shells, or citrus fruit (that lasts well in a vase) are often used to support long stemmed flowers in tall containers. A few of these items can also be scattered outside the vase on the table to create additional interest.

Seasonal displays can also be created using these elements. For example, the vase can be filled with small, red lustrous cranberries at Christmas or with small gourds or pumpkins at Thanksgiving. In summer, artichokes or other small vegetables can be used in the vase and scattered beside the base of the vase.

Flower arrangers experiment with different items to ascertain the ones that can be used without clouding the water. In low wide bowls, flowers can be anchored in oasis foam cut to fit the bowl. Or frogs, by definition any item that sits submerged in water while anchoring the stems of flowers, are available at many antique stores. Glass ones with holes, metal ones with spikes, as well as whimsical pottery frogs can be found.

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