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Noon Edition

Shady Ladies

Shade gardens are especially appealing to many of us as they seem to soothe the senses. If we have a wooded lot we are always on the lookout for flowering plants that will perform without full sun.

Spring Flowers

At this time of the year, as we assess where there were gaps in flowering in our gardens this past summer, we can make lists of perennial plants that we may want to add for next year.

We still have time to get some of the small bulbs that flower in early spring: winter aconite, snowdrops, squill, glory of the snow and Spanish bluebells for naturalizing. We also may want to consider some Lily of the Valley, Virginia Bluebells, and Bleeding Heart for spring bloom. Astilbes are a must.

Pulmonarias, commonly known as lungwort, provide wonderful foliage as well as pink and blue flowers and celadine poppies. Brunnera and Heuchera thrive in partial shade and we all like the unusual flowers of Lenten Roses.

Summer Flowers

For bloom in summer, there are improved lamiums with white, pink, and purple flowers. The tall perennial lobelias have blooms in both red and blue.

The Lycoris lilies, sometimes called August lilies, have a cool pink flower. Perennial Begonias are a mainstay of my shade garden at season's end. Begonia Grandis is hardy in zones 5-10 and the drooping pink clusters of flowers persist through the fall.

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