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Noon Edition

Serviceberry Trees

The American Serviceberry is a small deciduous tree with a pleasantly round top, native to northeastern North America. It can be found from Newfoundland, west to Wisconsin and south along the Appalachian Mountains to Northern Georgia.

It grows wild in hilly wooded areas. The small leaves, which are light bronze, emerge along with masses of fragrant white flowers each spring.

A Tree With Multiseasonal Appeal For Your Yard

The leaves turn green in summer and then red-orange in the fall. The flowers are a pure white with five narrow petals and are held upright in racemes. Purplish black berries are produced after the flowers die. This truly is a tree that provides interest across all seasons because it also offers splendid branching to be admired against a winter's sky.

Even when we are too busy to grow annual and perennial plants, we can compensate with trees and shrubs that flower in our gardens. Serviceberry trees are an example of how easy-care plantings with color, form and texture can give our homes multi-seasonal appeal, or ‘curb appeal' as a realtor might say.

Even in a small yard, we can  have specimen trees and shrubs to delight the eye with judicious selection and placement. The trick, of course, is to choose specimens that don't have only one good dress to wear, but a whole wardrobe of stylish garments and accessories to span the seasons.

Serviceberry trees fortunately provide continual great service in addition to berries.

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