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Hot dry weather is a challenge for gardeners, who long for plants that don't wilt in high summer. Plants that conserve water, often have thick fleshy leaves and are called succulents. They store water in their tissues. Hairiness on leaves, and also silver colored leaves, are also signs that plants are drought tolerant. One of the best groups of plants to investigate if you are planning a drought tolerant garden, are the sedums.

The genus is made up of at least 250 species, so you can find them in all sizes. Many of the low growing, mat-forming varieties are suitable for rock gardens or for edging beds near concrete sidewalks or driveways where the soil heats up and dries out.

Some of the taller varieties, such as "Autumn Joy," "Ruby Glow," "Matrona," and "Vera Jameson" have attractive foliage as well as distinctive flower heads. They look well in clumps in the garden all through the growing season. They are easily divided so that you can repeat them in various places in your garden to provide coherence.

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