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Noon Edition

Schedel Gardens

schedel gardens

Many, probably most, gardens do not last long after their owners can no longer care for them. Gardens, as an art form, are ephemeral. However, Joseph and Marie Schedel who lived and gardened in Elmore, Ohio from 1930 to 1989 left a garden legacy that has persisted.

The Schedels established a foundation to ensure their gardens were preserved. Nowadays the Schedel Arboretum and Gardens is popular as a venue for weddings, parties and workshops.

Volunteers fundraise to maintain the more than 17 acres bordering the Portage River. I visited the gardens in September and enjoyed the tranquil vistas and swathes of interesting plantings.

Sculptures have been carefully placed to enhance the impact of the individual gardens. There are ample bodies of water that reflect the varied plantings. and a pair of white swans add their own special magic. There is also an outstanding Bonsai collection.

I loved the inspired use of color and the massed planting of chili peppers in the kitchen garden. The colorful and textured combinations of plants in containers were also exceptionally creative.

[Schedel Arboretum and Gardens is near Toledo, Ohio so would be convenient for Midwestern visitors.]

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