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Noon Edition

Scented & Double Daffodils


As I look for late season bargains for bulbs that bloom in the spring, I peruse all the online listings and look for daffodils that bloom late and are scented as well as double. I am gradually increasing my repertoire of daffodils. I buy mainly daffodil bulbs because they come back reliably year after year so are an excellent investment.

Although I love tulips, I no longer buy any of them, as the deer devour them.

This year, I concentrated on the late-blooming varieties of daffodils, especially those that are double. There are three types:

  • The cup can be completely absent and replaced by additional petals.
  • Another type has a normal peranth of petals but a cup that is filled.
  • And the third type has stamens that show leaf-like forms that fill the cup.

I ordered some of all types. A variety called ‘Cheerfulness' has white flowers with creamy yellow centers. It blooms in sweetly scented clusters.

‘Petit Four' is a unique double, and its creamy petals encircle a large double crown of apricot-rose color.

‘Sir Winston Churchill' produces multiple double flowers of white and orange that are especially fragrant.

‘Tahiti' has yellow blooms with short, frilled orange-red petal segments at their centers.

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