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Just A Rose

single rose

Flowers are an integral part of most celebrations, and there's a saying that they double the joys and halve the sorrows. I know that when my father died, my mother and I were very much consoled by the beautiful arrangements sent to our home. We talked a lot about how lovely each one was, kept busy adding fresh water daily and removing spent blooms so we could make the bouquets last. They were truly a balm for our sorrow.

And, of course, holiday celebrations are always enhanced by fresh flowers. One doesn't need elaborate flower arrangements when there are so many other decorations, but something fresh adds a special touch even if it is just one red rose.

The easiest thing is to cut the stem of a rose and place it in water in a small vase or bottle with a narrow neck. Then just place some evergreen pieces so they lie along the center of the table and put the rose in the middle. You can intersperse the evergreen snippets with more than one rose if you choose, or with a few shiny red balls, but with space so limited on holiday tables, one flower really is enough.

If you are cutting greens from your yard, avoid cutting your spruces as the branches won't grow back. Instead, cut pieces from your yews, (though you may need a stepladder if the deer have beaten you to the lower branches), because yews and hemlocks regenerate well after pruning.

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