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Rhymes For Kids

dandelion fluff

Probably you are familiar with the Mother Goose nursery rhyme "Daffy Down Dilly."

Daffy Down Dilly

Has come to town,

In a yellow petticoat

And a green gown.

Children's author Bethany Roberts has compiled this rhyme and so many others on her web page.

Here's one about a daffodil:

A little yellow cup

A little yellow frill,

A little yellow star,

And that's a daffodil.

And here are several more anonymous rhymes:


Close your eyes

And I'll rub spring across your cheek,

Soft as velvet, smooth and sleek.

Close your eyes and do not peek.


There was a dandelion

With lovely fluffy hair

That glistened in the sunshine,

And in the summer air.

And oh! This pretty dandelion

Soon grew old and grey,

And sad to tell!! Her charming hair,

Blew many miles away.

"Spring Song"

Frogs croak

Rains soak

Chicks peep

Crickets leap

Bees hum

Robins come

Birds sing

Its spring!

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