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Noon Edition

Red White and Blue

In July Americans celebrate Independence Day and the French celebrate Bastille Day so it seems appropriate to think about red, white and blue flowers.

Festive Arrangements

For a July 4th picnic table, an informal flower arrangement might include blue bachelor's buttons, red salvia and white daisies.

Soak a block of oasis, line a basket with foil, cut the oasis to fit the basket and insert the flower stems into the oasis.

Make sure all of the stems are cut short so that the flower heads will completely cover the oasis when the stems are inserted in close proximity to each other.

Color Ideas

For a July 14 Bastille Day party some white flowers to consider for an arrangement are astilbe, calla lily, carnation, cosmos, dahlia, feverfew, phlox and baby's breath.

Red flowers include zinnias, carnations, cockscomb, dahlias, gladioli, lilies, roses and red monarda.

Blue flowers to consider are larkspur, nigella, ageratum, campanulas, hydrangea, scabiosa and veronica.

English Themes

Theme flower arrangements, and even theme gardens, have been popular over the years and were especially favored by gardeners in Victorian times in England.

Low annual bedding plants have even been used to replicate the Union Jack and Old Glory. White alyssum, blue ageratum and red wax begonias work well if you are tempted to try this!

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