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Plant Exchanges

plant exchanges

Many of the best mums in my garden came from a perennial exchange I attend. When I read on a tag “This mum always winters over,” I know those experienced gardeners never lie.

Last year I got a white dahlia that is just breathtaking. At this year’s exchange (in Bloomington, Indiana), I got a little peach tree with red leaves, and the tag says that it bears peaches with white flesh. It is currently growing in a coffee can and looks very healthy.

When I got it home I proudly showed it to my husband who, quite tactlessly I thought, asked me where I was going to plant it. I had actually been wondering that myself. It is certainly going to outgrow the coffee can, and there is not an inch of space left unplanted in our garden.

Since we have so many deer who frequent our garden. I will probably have to build a 6-foot fence to shield it, but I will worry about that later. After all, the little tree looks lovely and it was free.

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