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Oasis Floral Foam

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is time to think about making floral centerpieces for the table.

So that guests can see each other across the table, centerpieces should be low. We use a shallow low container, such as a bowl, and a block of oasis, the green florist foam into which the stems are set. This foam is available at craft shops and has no weight when dry.

When soaked for an hour in water, it becomes heavy and stabilizes the stems as well as providing moisture for them. Oasis is available in blocks measuring 3" by 4" by 9".

Sizing Blocks

The size of the blocks was arrived at because the inventor determined it was the largest size that could be sent by parcel post.

Cut the oasis to any size that fits your container and keep the flowers you will use soaking in a deep bucket.

Before Vernon Smithers, who owned a rubber testing lab in Akron Ohio, invented oasis, chicken wire was crushed into a bowl as the support.


Use foliage to mix with the flowers and cut all of the stems short enough so that the oasis is covered by the plant material.

For Thanksgiving we often select mums or other flowers that are yellow, dark red or bronze. Mums have stiff stems and insert easily into the oasis which we have now had available for over 50 years thanks to Mr Smithers.

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