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Natural Decoration

natural decorations

During the holidays, it is interesting and fun to decorate with natural materials. It is also cheaper than buying a lot of flowers if you can just gather items from your garden.

For example, pine branches can be cut and stripped of some of the needles, leaving the terminal whirl needles to look more dramatic. Place three short stems of pine, (one taller than the other two), in a needle holder in a low container and cover the base with pine cones or shiny balls.  The minimal greenery will look dramatic.

A small 9-inch spray of an evergreen such as azalea, pine, holly, yew or spruce can also be selected.  Remove the lower branches and needles so that the spray resembles a small tree with a trunk. Place it in oasis foam in a low square container. Crumple red tissue or cellophane paper to cover the top of the container. The container can also be placed on a stand, a mirror or a seasonal place mat.

Small seasonal figurines can then be placed under or beside the miniature tree.

Another idea is to use glass vases filled with red apples supporting longer cut stems of holly or other evergreens in water.  Hobby stores carry mirrored coasters on which vases can stand to give a more festive touch.  Three red roses or carnations can also be added for color in these types of seasonal green bouquets.

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