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Noon Edition

Moving Plants Indoors

In September we get our houseplants ready to move back indoors. Some may have outgrown their containers and have to be repotted.

All of the pots will need to be inspected and cleaned off to ensure that no dirt or bugs are carried indoors.

The plants will benefit from a thorough inspection and light spraying with a hose to dislodge any insects.

Taking Cuttings

Some of our plants may have grown too large so we may need to take cuttings. The dragonswing begonias are good candidates for this. Dip the cuttings in a rooting hormone, and they will soon take hold in smaller pots that can be wintered over indoors.

Coleus and geraniums are good candidates for this also, or the mother plants can be cut back hard and wintered over in the house or in a basement under grow lights.

Angel wing begonias (one of the parents of Dragonswing) should also be cut back hard before going inside the house.

Placing Your Pots

Kitchens and bathrooms have the highest humidity levels indoors so if you have windows in those rooms they are good locations for potted plants.

Remember that it is best to move pots indoors before the heat is turned on in the house.

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