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Noon Edition

"Morning Thanks" By John Drinkwater

Thank God for sleep in the long quiet night,

For the clear day calling through little leaded panes,

For the shining well water and the warm golden light,

And the paths washed white by singing rains.

We thank thee, O God, for exultation born

Of the kiss of the winds, for life among the leaves,

For the whirring wings that pass, about the wonder of the morn

For the changing plumes of swallows gliding upwards to their eaves.

Thank God for good bread, for the honey in the comb,

For the brown – shelled eggs, for the clustered blossoms set

Beyond the open window in a pink and cloudy foam

For the laughing doves among the branches yet.

For the kind- faced women we bring our thanks to Thee

With shapely mothering arms and grave eyes clear and bright

For the tall young men, strong- thewed as man may be

For the old man bent above his scythe.

For the treasure of the garden, the gilly flowers of gold

The prouder petaled tulips, the primrose full of spring

For the crowded orchard boughs, and swelling buds that hold

A yet unwoven wonder, to Thee our praise we bring.

For earth's little secret and innumerable ways,

For the carol and the colour, Lord, we bring

What things may be of thanks,and that Thou has lent our days

Eyes to see and ears to hear and lips to sing.

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