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Moonlight Garden

moonlight garden

The white garden at Sissinghurst in the United Kingdom started a trend in terms of silver and white color schemes, and that trend continues to be popular to this day.

Many modern gardeners set aside a part of their yard for a moonlight garden with climbing moonflowers and other white and grey plantings that can be quite magical at night under both the moon and artificial light.

Some plants that shine at different seasons are shrubs such as mock orange, white flowering almond, hydrangeas, lilacs, and viburnums, and trees like white dogwoods and fringe trees.

There are many white perennials such as peonies, astilbe, bleeding heart, iris, echinacea, Japanese anemones, shasta daisies, and bear's breeches.

Grey and silvery foliage plants such as lamb's ears and artemesia and annuals such as dainty euphorbia, white petunias, geraniums, baby's breath, Angelonia, and impatiens garlanded above by climbing white roses and clematis make a romantic spring-through-summer display.

In the fall, perennial white asters and chrysanthemums create a fitting finale.

White gardens are tranquil and calming and reward their owners with their soothing ambience.

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