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Noon Edition

Memories Of Flowers

Remembering Prince Edward Island

When there are no flowers blooming in our gardens during these cold winter months, I often find myself indulging my passion for flowers in introspective ways. One strategy is to replay in the mind's eye memories of places I have seen where there were lots of flowers.

My favorite memory is my visit in the fall of 2007 to Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward of England, the father of Queen Victoria, lived there for nearly 20 years with his mistress before being summoned home to marry and provide an heir to the throne. I was charmed by the profusion of flowers in window boxes and gardens surrounding the gracious old homes in Charlottetown.

Flowers And Sand

The plants on the dunes are not only beautiful but essential in the fight against erosion. Marram grass, with roots that hold the sand like protective nets, covers the dunes. There were breathtaking swathes of pale lavender asters, too. Goldenrod, wild roses, yellow Hudsonia, sea rocket and beach pea intermingled with the swaying grass. The natural mix of wild flowers and grasses provided a ribbon of color and movement along the shore line as the breeze blew in from the sea. It is a visual picture to remember and savor until I can enjoy my own garden once more.

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