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Noon Edition

Lusty Lilyturf

Liriope muscari has grassy foliage and spikes of blue or white flowers in the heat of late summer. It is especially accommodating as an edging or groundcover and there are some varieties with handsome variegated leaves (eg ‘Silvery Sunproof'' ). Liriope ‘Big Blue' is a great choice for tough-to fill- areas like spaces under trees and shrubs. It grows 15-20 inches tall and spreads 15-24 inches. It tolerates heat, humidity, sun or shade, salt or drought and is not appetizing to rabbits or deer.

Natives of Asia, these tough little plants are staples in gardens in the South, but are often overlooked by Northern gardeners. However, these are hard working fellows who are happy in Zones 5-10. Their flower spikes are followed by small black fruits and in many areas their slender leaves are evergreen. In cold regions where they sustain winter damage the leaves should be cut to the ground in early spring, ideally with electric clippers, which provide the most efficient haircut. Known by the common name of Lilyturf, these lusty plants increase rapidly, so use them in places where you want coverage and welcome their assertiveness in reproducing them selves, such as on steep banks or other hard- to-mow locations or on sidewalks. Heat reflected from concrete, dust or fumes don't faze them.

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This is Moya Andrews, and today we focused on lusty Lilyturf.

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