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Noon Edition

The Papery Appeal Of Limonium


Statice can be cut and dried by hanging the bunch upside down. These plants have a basal rosette of leaves, and the stiff flower stalks are leafless. There are about 50 species in the limonium genus, and most do best in full sun and well drained sandy soil. They are native to the Mediterranean and other coastal and dry environments and tolerate sea spray. Propagate by seeds or by division in the spring.

Limonium latifolium is a tall stemmed perennial with clusters of lavender-blue and white flowers in summer. It is prized because of the delicate appearance of the flower sprays of tiny flowers, and the common name is sea lavender and it is hardy zones 5-10.

Limonium sinuatum is a hybrid and part of the Petite Bouquet series. These plants are all dwarfs and only 18 inches tall and are annuals except in zones 9 and 10.They come in delicious colors such as gold, cream, lemon, salmon, purple and blue. These little plants are bushy and have stiff-stems topped with dense clusters of papery flower heads. Buy a bunch this fall at your local Farmers Market, and they will last all winter.

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