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Late Tulips

parrot tulip

Some late-blooming tulips have interesting green markings on their petals and are known as Viridiflora tulips.

These flowers last well in a vase as cut flowers as well as in the garden. One very showy variety with white blooms accented with red and green flames is called ‘Flaming Spring Green'.

Another unusual category of late tulips that we don't often see is known as the Fringed tulip. It boasts petals edged with crystal shaped fringes, and most people feel compelled to touch them to be sure they are real.

‘Blue Heron' is a gorgeous cobalt-violet with a white base and a frosty purple fringe edging the petals.

Another quite elegant type of tulip is classified as the Lily-flowered, and one of the most graceful in that category is named ‘Ballerina'.

Better known among the late-blooming types of tulips are those that are double and look like peonies because they have so many petals. In my pre-deer garden days I always grew lots of these and especially loved the fragrant pink ‘Angelique'.

And there are also the late-blooming Parrot tulips that are such fun. Their petals open wide and lay flat, and they come in such joyous color combinations. For example, ‘Super Parrot', which has apple green flames and feathered, curled, and twisted cream petals.

There are even some late-blooming tulips in May known as May-flowering late singles, a name that is certainly specific, though not poetic or fanciful. They extend the tulip season and produce gorgeous stately blooms on tall strong stems.

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