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Japanese Anemone Colonies


Like many of you, I am well aware of the tendency of Japanese anemones to take over and spread well beyond their allotted space.

Initially most gardeners seem to underestimate their tendency to colonize the world. But every fall when they produce their beautiful blooms on long wiry stems, I forgive them. I am especially enchanted by the simplicity of the pure white ‘Honorine Jobert' and the pale pink, double-flowered ‘Queen Charlotte'.

The most robust is A. tomentosa ‘Robustissima' with single soft lilac-pink blooms. A more compact variety is the rose-pink A. ‘Pamina'. They all bloom in sun or part shade, and once established, they are heat and drought tolerant. I find, however, that these beauties do best for me if I give them a dedicated space.

In my yard, the further one goes from the house, the less orderly the garden becomes. Since Japanese anemones have nice foliage that stifles weeds, I banish them to my far-flung beds and let them colonize at will.

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