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Noon Edition

A Grave Mistake


Yesterday on my way out to do an errand, I noticed a deer across the street from my house. Thinking that it would probably visit my garden next, I quickly grabbed a spray bottle of deer repellent to douse a few, of many, items that the deer find especially attractive in my yard: tulips, daylilies, a hydrangea on which they had already been nibbling and a clematis of which I am especially proud.

After spraying furiously and liberally, I walked to my porch to set the bottle down when I noticed a spray bottle of deer repellent already sitting on a shelf. I immediately looked down at the bottle in my hand and read the words WEED KILLER on the label!

Realization dawned that I had, in my haste, stupidly picked up the wrong spray bottle. I rushed and grabbed the hose and doused all of the aforementioned plants with a steady stream of water. I hope that I washed all of the offending weed killer off my poor plants, but who knows if I did or if the water just washed it onto the roots.

Time alone will tell.

So much for 30 years of gardening experience. In one rash moment my emotions, driving me to protect my plants, dominated, and I didn't have the sense to check which bottle I had grabbed…

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