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Noon Edition

Gold in the Garden

July was named by the Romans to honor the birth month of Julius Caesar. It is a month when hot weather saps the energy of gardeners, but July blooming plants are undaunted.

Squash plants blossom, reminding us of why they are featured by so many native American silversmiths.

Sunflowers bloom, reminding us that they were growing world in our Southwest when the first Europeans arrived.

Golden Month

There is a lot of gold in the garden this month.

The vigorous Stella O'oro day lilies keep up a steady supply of their egg yolk colored flowers.

Black eyed Susans that seem to seed everywhere are getting ready to dazzle us and the Golden Rain trees are waving their delicate flowers against the intense blue sky.

The sun is so bright in July that strong vibrant-colored flowers must be center stage in order to compete.

Brilliant Bouquets

Yellow and orange marigolds, white daises with bright yellow centers, all of the many Rudebeckias with their dark centers, provide us with bouquets that epitomize high summer.

The flower arranging skill is needed in July when exuberant flowers bunch together and are self sufficient in a vase.

Spun gold flowers

Lively, full of mirth

Firecracker colors

Summer gift from earth

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