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Gifts for Gardeners

There may be some flower gardeners on your gift list this December, and if so I can assure you, they love flower-related offerings.

  • Flower enthusiasts love holiday gift certificates so that they can dream all winter about the plants they can buy.

  • They also love Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs to grow indoors during the winter.

Fresh bouquets are also cherished at this time of the year.

  • One of my dearest friends sends me a dozen roses, and when they are delivered a week before Christmas each year, I luxuriate in them and her generosity, and the predictability adds to the pleasure.

  • In my opinion, the very best gardening trowel in the world is Walt Nicke's #202 Stainless Steel digger trowel. Look on the web at to order this durable tool. The mud gloves available from Walt Nicke are also a perfect gift.

  • If you browse through the magazine racks at local bookstores you will also find a wide selection of garden magazines to choose for gift subscriptions for flower gardeners.

  • Books on flowers and gardening, Gardener's Latin, and encyclopedias of plants are also good choices.

  • And no flower enthusiast ever has enough vases, or small antique bottles to hold tiny blooms are especially good prizes.

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