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Noon Edition

Georgia Blue Veronica: An Herbaceous Perennial

Plantsman Roy Lancaster found a wonderful blue veronica growing in the Republic of Georgia which used to be part of the Soviet Union.

He introduced it to the trade under the name ‘Georgia Blue Veronica' to acknowledge its place of origin. While it is an herbaceous perennial, it grows like a ground-cover and forms a blue carpet when it blooms in early spring.

Since it blooms early, the tiny blue flowers with white centers look especially striking when combined with early bulbs such as yellow daffodils.

The leaves of the plant are small and dark green and turn a burgundy-bronze shade in winter.

Planting Your Own

Since this plant likes good drainage it is happy in rock gardens, raised beds and containers.

It is a vigorous plant but can easily be sheared back and divided so it is not considered to be invasive. Get it off to a good start by watering frequently and fertilizing regularly.

Once it is established it will only need to be fed once in the early spring and again in late summer.

Look for Veronica peduncularis ‘Georgia Blue' at your local Garden Centers this spring, and be sure to take one home to plant in your garden.

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