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Noon Edition

Gardens for Eating (4th of July gatherings)

The 4th of July is a public holiday that is traditionally celebrated outdoors with an all-American cook-out. The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill usually mingles with the sounds of cans popping and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Gardens... The Ideal Setting

Gardens make ideal settings where friends and family can gather and seem to be an integral part of the all-American dream. Our pioneers had to rely on their home gardens to grow their fresh food.

Victory gardens were part of the national war effort in World War II, and whenever the economy sours, Americans seem to try to grow more fresh produce and to be more self sufficient.

As we become more health conscious and try to be better stewards of the earth, home-grown as well as locally- grown food seems to be preferred by more people.

4th Of July Treats

Americans have always had a love affair with home-grown tomatoes. And freshly picked blueberries strike a patriotic chord at 4th of July picnics.

Use red Knock-Out roses, grown without the need of pesticides, together with blueberries to decorate a white-frosted cake for your 4th of July celebration this year.

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