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Noon Edition

Flowering Stars

When you are buying bulbs this fall, choose some that will produce flowers that are star shaped. Not only do these plants have flowers shaped like stars, but they WILL be stars in your spring/summer garden next year.

Spring Shopping List

Some tiny bulbs to consider are the low growing wildflower tulips and ‘Glory of the Snow' with starry one inch blooms. Taller options include Camassia that produces long straight stems bearing multiple star shaped flowers in upright panicles in shades of blue, cream, and white.

Camassias are tolerant of wet conditions in winter that cause many bulbs to rot. Also try the ‘Blue Danube", which is dark blue with yellow stamens.

"Desert Candles"

The Foxtail Lily has very tall spires with hundreds of starry blooms that open from the bottom up in white, pink, yellow, and cream colors hardy zones 5-8. However, these lilies require good drainage year round so they are often called by the common name of ‘Desert Candles'.

Also experiment with the placement of alliums in your garden. These bulbs produce globes of starry purple and white flowers on naked stems and come in a variety of heights. The tallest ones make a very strong statement indeed.

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