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Flowers on Postage Stamps

Stamp collecting, like gardening is an absorbing hobby and philatelists, like gardeners, develop various specialties. Some postage stamp enthusiasts, for example, are known as topical collectors, as they collect stamps of any country or denomination that illustrate their favorite topic.

Stamps featuring flowers, surveys have shown, are among the top five types most frequently collected by topical stamp enthusiasts.

Recent US Stamps

One stamp issued in 2005 as part of the US Postal Services Love series, features a hand extending a bouquet of colorful flowers. This picture was created by Vivienne Flaesher and is described as being symbolic of the hope and happiness we wish for our loved ones.

A March 2005 issue features four popular flowers, an iris, hyacinth, daffodil and tulip on four individual stamps painted by Christopher Peillman to symbolize spring.

My husband is a stamp collector and whenever there are flower stamps available at the Post Office, he buys them for me so that I can satisfy my addiction to flowers even while I mail the bills.

There are many different ways to enjoy flowers, and the fact that they appear on the postage stamps of every country is evidence of the universality of their appeal. And of course flowers on stamps are totally undemanding and require no horticultural expertise.

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