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Flower Names As Feminine Names

I have always thought that it would be rather nice to have a name that was also the name of a flower: Lily, Iris, Veronica, Pansy, Violet, Myrtle, Marigold, Daisy, Rose or Daphne, for example.

Though upon reflection, perhaps having a flower name would encourage friends and family to select too many cards and gifts with the flower theme, that one could get locked into a brand whether one tired of it or not. Many of the people I know who do have flower names are mature women, though it does seem there is a resurgence in these flower-related names for baby girls.

I have never known a male infant  to be given the name of a flower, though males do bear the name of animals, such as Wolf and Tiger, for example. I have on occasion thought it appropriate to give a person a variety of a plant that bore their name: a white rose of sharon named " Diana" or a white phlox called "David."

I wonder if that really is much different from giving daisies to a Daisy?

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