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Winter Floral Arrangements: The "Facing" Arrangement

In winter, flower arrangements in the home substitute for the lack of flowers in our gardens. With only a few flowers we can craft satisfying arrangements by combining them with different kinds of foliage. Evergreens are available in the winter garden and the leaves of houseplants can also be used effectively. Arrangements look more interesting when there are leaves of varied shades and textures.

Facing (Or Fan Shape) Arrangements: Efficient and Attractive

A triangular arrangement, known to florists as a "facing" or "fan shape" composition, require less plant material since it is viewed only from the front and sides.

An arrangement of this type is usually placed on a mantle or table with a wall behind it. Therefore, the flower arranger assembles the display with only one primary view in mind. Follow these steps to make your own facing arrangement:

  • Begin by filling in the overall shape with foliage.
  • Make a slightly rounded fan shape outline and arch some foliage around the edges of the container at the sides and front.
  • As a rule, larger, darker flowers are placed lower and smaller, lighter-colored blossoms are placed higher. This is just a general guideline: feel free to apply your own creative ideas.
  • If you have just a few flowers (an odd number is usually best), nestle them amid the foliage in a way that is pleasing to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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