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Flower Festival At Disney World

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The Epcot International Flower Show and Garden Festival is held in Disney World, Florida each spring and runs for 75 days.

It is one of the longest flower and garden festivals in the United States, and encompasses over 300 acres of breath-taking gardens. Masses of blooms encircle Future World's East and West Lake where over 60,000 bedding plants are used to create blocks of vibrant colors. The entire lakeside garden is known as Festival Blooms, and it takes workers over four whole nights to plant just one side of the lake.

There are also 41 flower towers in Future World, and each tower is planted with 250 four- inch annual plants. There are even 210 floating islands on the surface of the water in East and West Lake.

Fifty four-inch annuals are planted in each floating form, which is constructed of polystyrene boards. Drainage holes are drilled in the sides (not the base) of these floating islands. The islands are tethered by nylon cord to concrete blocks in the bottom of the lake. This allows each island full of flowers to move gently on the surface of the water yet to remain in its assigned place.

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