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Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost

I am somewhat fickle when it comes to deciding on my most favorite plants. This year, for example, I am absolutely crazy about the annual Euphorbia Diamond Frost® (Euphorbia 'Inneuphdia').

This is no doubt influenced by the fact that deer leave it alone! But it's also adaptable and versatile with a lacy mounded habit and combines well with whatever it is next to…well, up to a point, that is.

The common name is spurge, which is not nearly as elegant as the cultivar name.

The flowers look like a very delicate white baby's breath, which naturally enhances most other flowers in a vase or pot. I like it with million bells (those sweet baby petunias), geraniums, angelonias, daisies, coleus, marigolds, ageratum, or just about any annual plant, and of course, any color looks good with its dainty white blooms.

It's hardy only in zones 10 to 11, but in my Midwest garden last year, it lasted well into the quite cold weeks of fall. I was picking it for vases almost until Thanksgiving when most other annuals had given up.

It likes sun to part sun and grows 12 to 18 inches tall and is a hybrid produced by Proven Winners, so it is patented.

It's drought and heat tolerant and produces masses of tiny blooms without deadheading. I have even heard it can be brought inside as a house plant. What's not to love?

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