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Noon Edition

Colorful Shrubs

It is not just trees that provide fall foliage color, as many shrubs can also be used in the Autumn display and are valuable, especially in small gardens.

Now is the time to think about possible additions to the shrubs in your personal landscape.

Color For All Seasons

The Snow Lace Dogwood (Zones 3-8) has purple fall color as well as silvery grey bark to provide winter interest.This native grows 6-9 feet tall in full sun or partial shade and has white flowers in the Spring and then white berries later.

Another possibility is Doublefile Viburnum ‘Pink Beauty' (hardy zones 4-8). Its flower clusters turn from white to pink and it has red/purple fall foliage.

A small shrub is Fothergilla ‘Jane Platt' that is 18" tall and 2-3 feet wide (hardy zones 4-9) in full to part sun. In addition to spring flowers it offers brilliant fall foliage in shades of red and orange.

A 4-6 feet tall Serviceberry ‘Regent' (hardy zones 2-7) grows in full sun or part shade with white flowers followed by berries for the birds and spectacular yellow and red leaves in autumn.

Eastern Wahoo, Euonymus ‘atropurpureus' is hardy zones 3-7 and grows like a tree in the south, but a shrub in the north. It likes full sun to partial shade and deep fertile soil and has red foliage and red berries that persist into winter.

Now's The Time

Check out the shrubs at your local nursery as fall is a good time to increase your shrub repertoire.

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