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Colorful Foliage

colorful foliage

Foliage color can light up the landscape in all seasons of the year, not only in the fall.

Evergreens now come in a variety of colors. Take, for example, Daub's Frosted Variegated Juniper, hardy to zone 4. This is a low, wide shrub, and the tips of its blue/green branches are frosted with gold in all sites that are exposed to the sun.

There are many evergreens of various sizes, textures, and colors that make a fine display in the garden in all seasons of the year.

There are also deciduous shrubs with gold and chartreuse as well as burgundy-colored foliage. Our native ninebark shrub, for example, as well as having pretty flowers in the spring, is now available with different shades of foliage.

Also elderberry shrubs, such as ‘Lemony lace' and ‘Nigra' have colored, lacy foliage as well as pretty flowers.

Smokebush is another shrub that is now available with chartreuse, in addition to the traditional purple, leaves.

And in the fall, shrubs that have bloomed earlier, such as itea and fothergilla, also change color, and beautyberry bushes produce gold-colored leaves in addition to the purple berries.

Amsonia also puts on a lovely show in late fall when the narrow leaves turn bright yellow.

Japanese maples, available in all sizes, also have a wide range of foliage colors and textures to brighten the landscape.

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