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Centerpieces For Thanksgiving

pansy ring

Soon it will be Thanksgiving so if you are hosting you need to be thinking about centerpieces.

I read recently that whenever we need to float single flowers in water, we should cut a square of bubble wrap and poke a hole in it to insert a short stem of a flower or a group of flowers. The flower heads then stay in place obediently on the surface of the bubble wrap, which floats on the surface on the water, while the stems penetrate to the water below.

If you have a long Thanksgiving table, you could place a number of small bowls or wine glasses on the table with single flowers floating in them. It is quite economical to only have to buy three flowers, for example. So, you could even afford five, as it is best to use odd numbers. If you decide to buy a centerpiece, even one from the grocery store, it would cost a great deal more.

Remember, low is always better than high when you are arranging flowers for a dinner party. A guest's view of the folk on the other side of table should never be obscured by a flower arrangement, no matter how beautiful the flowers may be.

There are vases known as pansy rings that are low and round and lend themselves to arrangements of single flowers with short stems. Look for them in antique stores (or online) and use them for either flowers or colorful foliage.

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