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Flowering plants originally from the tropical jungles of South America are annuals in our own North American gardens. Cannas are one of these tropical plants, and they grow from rhizomes which in cold climates must be dug up in the fall and stored for replanting the next spring. They provide an exotic effect in our summer gardens with their bright showy flowers, big leaves and varied leaf colors.

Today, there are many cultivars, and although the older varieties are very tall, dwarf ones are now available to plant in containers and beds. They will grow in a variety of soils but require moisture to do well. They were originally found along streams and so can be grown even in wet areas of a garden.

Hot Summer Flower

Of course, they love hot summers and grow best in at least a half day and preferably a full day of sun. They were favorites in Victorian gardens but then fell out of favor until recently.

If you have a large bare area in your yard, consider planting cannas for a blaze of summer color that will gladden your heart. The rhizomes will multiply quickly, and you will have plenty to share with friends.

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