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Retail Therapy: Buying Flowers In Winter

Flower lovers take comfort in the fact that February is the shortest month. Yet spring may still seem a long way off, so, early February is a good time to buy flowers before the wholesalers increase their prices in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

Tips For Buying Flowers:

There are so many flowers to choose from, even in the grocery stores, that the process of selection can be a pleasure. Here are some things I consider when buying flowers for my home. Try these tips to cure your winter blues without flowers in your garden:

  1. Sometimes it is the flowers' color that seduces. However, if you are going to arrange the flowers, you should also consider other attributes such as shape and texture.
  2. When selecting flowers, try to remember the vases you own and what flowers will look best in them. You could also consider where you will place the flowers and how they can compliment the colors in the house.
  3. If you are enamoured by shapes of certain flowers, select just a few stems to stand in a narrow necked vase to admire from all angles.
  4. Try experimenting by holding bunches of some different types of flowers together to check out the best companions.

Selecting flowers to buy in February is wonderful therapy to offset the bleakness of winter!

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