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Bulb Flowers


Spring is the season when we, hopefully, enjoy masses of flowering bulbs in our garden.

If we don't have masses now, we need to be sure to plant more bulbs next fall so that next spring we are not deficient in the flower department. For flower lovers, the ability to step out into the garden and pick a fistful of blooms for a vase, is one of spring's great pleasures.

Daffodils arrange themselves in just about any container, though if there are only a few stems in your fist, choose a narrow necked vase.

Daffodils also combine well with other types of bulb flowers, as long as one remembers that the clear sap from their stems is sugary and this encourages the growth of bacteria in a vase's water. Bacteria clog the stems of flowers and shortens the vase life of flowers.

The author C. L. Fornari says that this can be prevented by changing the water in a vase daily and/or using floral preservative in the water.

Tulips are especially sensitive to the sap of narcissus flowers and will droop if they are vase mates. The Narcissus genus includes all types of daffodils, and although their sap is not poisonous to humans the bacteria just love all of the sugar in the sap.


Coffee for Roses by C. L. Fornari, 2014.

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