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Noon Edition

Brunnera: Forget-Me-Nots

For-get-me-nots bloom in early spring, but there is one perennial "Brunnera" sometimes called false for-get-me-nots, which bloom in May. Like the annual for-get-me-nots, which self seed along the sides of streams in Europe, "Brunnera" also likes moisture. It is most happy in woodland settings and holds its little blue flowers aloft, so that a mass planting creates the impression of a delicate blue mist.

The leaves are lush and heart shaped. One variety, "Jack Frost" has handsome silvery leaves with interesting dark veins. "Jack Frost" Brunnera makes a striking accent when combined with other shade lovers, such as dark green or blue green hostas, bleeding hearts, epimediums, and celandine poppies. However, if you move the "Jack Frost" variety any roots you leave in the ground will send forth a new plant, but it will have green leaves, not silver ones.

According to legend, after creation, God gave a name to each plant. When he thought he was finished he heard a little voice say, "What about me?" God then picked up the little plant he had forgotten and said, "Because I forgot once, I shall never forget you again, and that shall be your name."

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