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Noon Edition

Blackeyed Susans

Lord Abercrombie, a 19th Century horticulturalist, advised gardeners to "Find out what you can grow and grow lots of it."

Many perennials make it easy to have lots of them, and some even have a tendency to take over the garden if we are not vigilant. Many "Rudbekias" commonly known as black-eyed Susans, are eager self-sowers.

Some of these bright yellow daisies are also known as "Gloriosa Daisies" and "Yellow Coneflowers." Most have the characteristic dark center, but a few have green or yellow centers. Some have reddish-brown splotches on the petals. All grow best in full sun but can tolerate part shade. They require little care once established.

Great Summer Flower

They make excellent cut flowers, but cut them so there is only one flower per stem to make them last in a vase.

In July, when many perennials flag the black-eyed Susans burst into bloom. If you have the space to let them spread, a mass planting can be dazzling. If you want them to cohabit with other flowers in a bed, you will need to divide them often.

Give away starts to all of your friends. The children of your Susans will bloom wherever they are planted.

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