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Noon Edition

Begonias as House Plants

Most begonias originated in tropical areas and like warmth. Some house plant enthusiasts adore Begonias for the variety of their colors and texture and collect as many as they can.

The fact that they bloom is an added attraction. There are three main types of begonias: those that grow from tubers, those with rhizomes and those with fibrous roots.

The fibrous type includes the wax begonia [semperflorens] the angel wings and all those with hairy leaves. Rex Begonias, grown from rhizomes, have spectacular green, red, pink and silver markings on their leaves. Tuberous begonias have the biggest and showiest flowers but they do best when grown out of doors in summer.

Growing Begonias

All begonias like a loose hummusy soil, and like water only when they feel dry. Pinch them to attain a pleasing shape. Do not fertilize them in the winter, but give them good light.

However, protect them from the hot sun during summer months, whether they summer in the house or out of doors.

Sharing with Friends

Begonias grow easily from cuttings, or "slips" as our grandmothers would have said. If you are fortunate and have a relative or friend who has begonias thriving indoors, you may be able to get some slips as well as tips.

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