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Authors Unknown, Rhymes Of Spring

unknown authors

I am going to read three rhymes by unknown authors, and the first is entitled "In Our Springtime Garden."

What a lovely time of year, time of year, time of year

What a lovely time of year in our springtime garden.

See the flowers swing and sway, swing and sway, swing and sway

See the flowers swing and sway in our springtime garden.

The next one is just called "Spring."

I love spring, spring is new

It's new blades of grass, it's rain on glass

It's a wood scented lane, it's a new bird song,

It's days growing long

It's a tree in bud

And puddles of mud.

It's birds in a tree, and a buzz from a bee,

It's kites in the sky

It's spring, that's why.

I love spring.

And here is another one, again merely called "Spring."

And suddenly spring!

The winds of March were sleeping

I hardly felt a thing.

The trees were standing quietly,

It didn't seem like spring.

Then suddenly the winds awoke

They raced across the sky,

And bumped right into April!

And April is made of such wonderful things

Sunbeams and tulips and butterfly wings.

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